Check-In Process

Since GotSport is still working through some glitches with the online check-in, we will be doing in-person check-in. We anticipate each in-person check-in to take less than 5 minutes. We will only accept “Prime Approved” stamped rosters for your match so it is important to check-in. 


You have 2 options for check-in:

  1.   You can check-in at our office (12708 San Jose Blvd. Suite 2 – Jacksonville, FL 32223)Thursday (10/7) or Friday (10/8) 10a-9p.
  2. You can check-in at Bartram Trail High School (7399 Longleaf Pine Pkwy – St Johns, FL 32259) at least 1 hour prior to your game on Saturday (10/9). If you play at another location, check-in will still be at Bartram Trail High School. All fields and office are within 10 miles of each other. 


Here is the information needed for In-Person Check-In

  1. – Bring 4 printed copies of your sanctioned(FYSA, US Club, etc) roster
  2. – Player passes for all players on the roster playing for the tournament weekend

*Only “Prime Approved” stamped rosters will be accepted at the match.*